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From Jana Amin, #17for17 Host:

“It is estimated that 10 million fewer girls will return to school once the Covid-19 crisis has passed.

For my 17th birthday, I am hosting a virtual event on May 29th, bringing together 17 speakers representing 17 + countries to discuss the importance of girls’ education. My goal is to raise awareness and help more girls go back to school next fall.

Please join me in celebrating my 17th birthday while standing in solidarity with girls around the world.”

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“I knew her when…” 

Taniya met Kavya Anbarasu when she joined Affectiva as an intern. As part of this #17for17 day-long online event, the two women look back on Kavya’s experience and growth during her EMPath internship. 

They discuss Kavya’s ambitious HCI project, which showed that empathetic voice agents help people stay more focused on the driving task. More importantly, perhaps, Taniya and Kavya draw upon the inspiration they continually to find in one another in their mentoring relationship to look to the future.

Alley is a community of entrepreneurs and corporate partners founded on sustainable entrepreneurship where substance is valued over style.

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The future of AI is promising, from new customer service models to digital entertainers, the use cases are proving to be endless. But with such powerful technology comes the question of trust and social responsibility. 

In this panel, hosted by Alley CEO, Noelle Tassey, and 5G Lab, we learn at the heart of machine learning is human-centered technology, news avenues of experiential learning, and the ability to interact with the world in a way we weren’t able to before.

Pyjama Talks, more affectionately known as PJ Talks, features “experts from around the globe [who] provide 8-minute nuggets of information, inspiration, and delight from the comfort of their home to yours.”

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This Pyjama Talks online event is a fun, informative chat between Taniya and her former intern, Radwa Hamed, who is currently a Knight Hennessy Scholar at Stanford University.

Radwa and Taniya trade stories of Radwa’s past internship with Taniya at Affectiva, and they discuss three ways to coach and mentor the next generation of tech leaders.

CodePath is a nonprofit “increasing diversity in tech by transforming college C.S. education for underrepresented populations.”

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Taniya joins other CodePath virtual panelists in discussing experiences and tips on negotiating the job search process as an international student.

The mission of Women in Analytics is to provide visibility to the women making an impact in the analytics space and provide a platform for them to lead the conversations around the advancements of analytical research, development, and application.

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Women in Analytics and Women in Voice team up for this joint event, as part of the Bytes + Insights Virtual Series. 

Taniya has an exciting discussion on voice, emotions and data with kindred spirit, Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek, and encourages newcomers to the fields of analytics and voice technologies with her vision for voice tech.

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