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Dr. Taniya Mishra-Linger is the Director of AI Research and Lead Speech Scientist at Affectiva, an MIT spin-out on a mission to humanize technology. Taniya leads the research team, driving innovation in machine learning, speech analysis, computer vision and multimodal analysis of emotional and cognitive states. These human perception AI solutions are the new frontier of human-machine interactions, with applications in robotics, automotive, healthcare, education, and more.

Prior to Affectiva, at OHSU and at AT&T Labs, Taniya created technologies that teach children how to read, help the visually impaired access information, and improve the social interactions of those on the autism spectrum.

She is deeply passionate about STEM education and mentoring. Through mentoring, Taniya’s mission is to create early and diverse talent pipelines that produce a new generation of diverse tech leadership, whose diversity of experience, thought, and perspectives will help build better, more ethical AI. Towards meeting this goal, Taniya has mentored individual students in ML and AI every year for the last ten years. 

She has also developed and led Affectiva EMPath (Emotion Machine Pathway) Internship Program, where students from high school to graduate school learn valuable skills and work on projects that significantly increase their skills while contributing tangibly to the company.

Taniya regularly speaks at conferences and industry events ranging from academic conferences, such as Interspeech, ICASSP, and ACII; university events focused on building up the next generation of technical leaders, such as women in tech events at Tufts and Columbia University, and conferences with a broader audience, such as O’Reilly AI Conference, EmTech Digital, and World Summit AI. Her work on machine learning and emotion estimation has been featured in MIT Technology Review, NBC Learn, and The Atlantic.

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