Dr. Taniya


AI Scientist, Mentorship Champion,
Thinker, Speaker, Mom

I love building
technology that has impact!

I have created transformative technologies that teach children how to read, help the visually impaired access information, and improve the social interactions of those on the spectrum; in general, technologies that empower and enable. I see technical mentoring as an extension of this same drive to have impact.

My Mission

Changing the face of tech,
one person at a time.

Upcoming &
Recent Events

Fri, May 29, 1pm EST
between a
Mentor & a Mentee
Wed, May 27, 2pm EST
Artificial Intelligence
& Human Connection
Tues, May 21, 12PM EST
What Can an AI-Enabled
High-Schooler Do?
Fri, May 15, 7am EST
How International Students
Get Sponsored Jobs

"Ambition is attractive;
ambition is what inspires other people... dream big!"

Taniya Mishra-Linger

Featured ROLE model, Career Girls

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